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Hetavision 2014 Album Covers (1 of 4)
Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, and Hungary

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Celebrating this year’s Hetavision with a big project and I’m never doing this again because it was a huge pain in the ass.

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Love’s First Song


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When they dance alone in their dimly lit apartment, Irina can’t help but relive in her head the night they fell in love.

Words: 2414, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Inspired by THIS

Don’t know what to give your girlfriend/wife for Valentine’s Day? Dress up in women’s clothes and give her sękacz! (from the shop of course) :’D

PS: And so my oath of not drawing Feliks in a dress was not kept. After so many years!!! DDD:

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Poles are continuing to make surprises for Ukrainians…
This time Daniel and Natalia Boczniewicz from Poznan have made the song to support Ukrainians.
Thank you! Dziękujemy!

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Holiday memory by Peaceful-gun

aaaaa I’m proud of this one

polukr 5ever

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random polukr whoa