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I should polish my sketches more often

The feather on the hat represented that the wearer is single


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APH Ukraine wearing a Vyshyvanka top =u=
I’d like to draw her full body in a more detailed clothing later on.. for now here’s a sketch. 

I’d like to know more about the culture and the traditional clothing-! The dresses are all so pretty *u*

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Let me end this day by smth sweet :3
Here you are APH: Poland and Ukraine.
Good Night!

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So, guys… about Poland’s “birthday” on July 22nd. Here’s a scan from Polish edition of second volume of “Hetalia” (sorry, it’s a bit poor).


It reads: “Birthdate: November 11th”. A there’s also a number (3 in that case) that leads to translator notes at the end of the manga.


Number 3 reads: “In the original [edition] - July 22nd. In the years 1945-1990 at that day National Holiday of Poland’s Rebirth [no idea how to translate this. Apparently there’s no entry for this in English Wikipedia] was celebrated. Change of date in the Polish edition by the request of the Author”.

So, if Hima requested this, that means November 11th is canon! Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see that so many people remember about Poland’s birthday, but the day seems inappropriate - why would we want to celebrate creation of “free” Poland under communists rule? (sorry, Ivan :P). Damn, before “Hetalia” I didn’t even know such celebration ever existed (I was born after the communist government was already overthrown).

On the other hand though, maybe it’s a good thing that Poland celebrates his birthday twice a year…


I’m sure you get the idea :)

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With the Polish,


If there’s one, he’s a genius


If there are two, there’s confusion


If there are three, there’s destruction



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