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How tall is Poland in comparison to other characters than Liet?

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11th November - Polish Independence Day. Don’t be serious, let’s celebrate it in a happy way! :D

Happy birthday, Feliks <3

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These are my favourite PolUkr fanarts by various artists.

- Hetalia FanArt: Polish-Ukrainian Relations by ~AtreJane

I think it’s my favourite PolUkr fanart. I love the fact that they wear each others’ clothes - Poland in blue and yellow with Ukrainian ornaments, and Ukraine in white and red with Polish flowers (poppies).

- My Cloudy-Eyed Falcon by ~Crumble90

This one gives me so many feels. It’s a kind of angst which really suits their relations during the time of Rzeczpospolita (Commonwealth). I love Ukraine’s look and long hair, also how Polish rule is shown here.

- Black Chess by *Fannochka

Queen and King of chess… Such a lovely idea and really beautifully drawn. I like the way they look at each other :3 I have no words.

- it’s too late by ~Sanshikisumire

I think it was one of the very first angsty PolUkr fanarts on dA. This one made me start to think about PolUkr as a historical love-hate couple and… now it’s an OTP of my life :D I still love this fanart.

- APH: Gimme some lovin’ by *momofukuu

They look so cheerful, lovely, a bit children-like. Pure love, beautiful clothes and Ukraine’s plunging neckline. And folk, folk everywhere, my guilty pleasure :D

- In the fields of gold by ~xmallory08

I simply love folk costumes <3 And I see a reference to their flags - on Ukrainian side we see blue sky and golden field, and on Polish side we have white, cloudy sky and red flowers beneath. They look like a typical couple in love :’D

- APH Double Trouble by *Radittz

The art shows their preparations for Euro 2012 - one of the most well known events from the year 2012, which caused so many happy emotions. Poles and Ukrainians were unsure whether our countries would finish all stadiums and motorways, but most of them were happy because of the event.

- APH_Paint by ~red25moon

The fanartist was probably the first Ukrainian I met on dA who ships PolUkr - which made me really happy. Now as far as I know, Poles and Ukrainians are the majority among PolUkr shippers. This fanart shows them in their green uniforms and IMO it looks really cute :3

- APH: UAxPL by ~Anila-chan

Anila-chan’s fanarts have something really refreshing ^^ Sweet PolUkr, historical PolUkr, PolUkr in love, serious PolUkr… and chibi PolUkr! Always in beautiful clothes and with wonderful ideas. We all wish that Polish-Ukrainian relations would look like here all the time ^^

- I can’t come back to you by ~Rekieel

This fanart shows sad, kind of nostalgic moment, but sweet at the same time. That’s also the part of PolUkr relations - their memories, not really “only bad” and “only good” things.


This post has shown me that PolUkr is well known mostly among Ukrainians and Poles xD

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