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The Best Friends of Ukraine!

There is the third week of Ukraine’s try to save her democracy.
Here we can see many Poles, Georgians, Belarusians, Lithuanians, who has come to support Ukrainian People. Thanks to them Ukraine still believes in her victory against regime of Yanukovich.

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Ruined love by marlenkaPRL

Author’s note: I stared it long ago when polish media shouted about anniversary of wolyn massakre, when Ukrainians brutally killed Polish civilian poeople. Personally I like PolUkr and I rather like present Ukrainian. So here Ukraine (however her name is) despite her actions is not enjoing kurting Feliks, but opposite (look at the way she’s carrying him). And don’t be sad for Feliks he’s skilled in waking back to life. I didn’t have enthusiasm to draw proper bacgroung so we have something like this. I did’nt coloured it too much, ‘cause this subject is rather to tragic to make it too bright. My first experiment with Sai. Sorry for my terrible English. Hope you like it

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Hetalia: Poland x Ukraine (PolUkr) - Siebie dam po ślubie (Brathanki) [English subs] by Ewa Dżi (that means by me)

Following Silvera’s suggestion, I made a PolUkr slideshow with “Siebie dam po ślubie” (“I’ll Give Myself After the Wedding”) by Brathanki, a Polish folk (rock) band, which was very popular in Poland at the end of 1990s and at the beginning of 2000s. I decided to shorten the song, because I was afraid that I’ll run out of the fanarts. Anyway, I hope that you’ll still enjoy it. I’m going to make 2 more PolUkr fanvids, so stay tuned~

BTW, it seems that despite the fact that I have more and more enough of Hetalia canon, I still enjoy my own headcanons - but even they aren’t enough, if there isn’t much of fanworks suiting them. I wonder, how long I will stay in this fandom… probably as long as I’ll have requested vids to make ^^;

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PolUkr fanarts by various artists :)

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PolUkr from APH Ukraine ask blog.

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PolUkr fanarts by:

* Momofukuu: [] []

* Sanshikisumire: [] []

* Janemin: [] []

* Crumble90: [] []

* Xmallory08: [] []

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PolUkr fanarts by red25moon

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